Features & Other Press

Interview on CBC Radio on Emotion AI “Why guess someone’s mood when an AI can tell you?”  | Podcast

Quoted in WIRED “This Call May Be Monitored for Tone and Emotion” | Article

“About the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity” Interviewee | Video

Interview at RSAC TV February 2017 discussing my research and the RSA Security Scholars Program | Video

Privacy Lab brief project briefing February 2017 | Video at 33:30 talking about my research and CTSP

BuzzFeed’s “Here’s what some women in tech would tell the next president” October 2016 | Article with photo feature

“CLTC BioSENSE Grantees Publish Papers on Therapy Robots and ‘Passthoughts’” September 2016 | Press Release

“What if cybersecurity were considered a public good?” April 2016 | Press Release

“Where Are They Now? Next Generation Scholar Elaine Sedenberg” March 4, 2014. | Feature Story

Kapelke, Chuck. “UC Berkeley Research Network Graph” November 6, 2014. | Feature Story | Video Interview about Matrix graph project