Current publications include Academic Publications and Research Reports, Extended Abstracts, Reports with Contributions Acknowledged, and Blog Posts. These selected manuscripts highlight current graduate research, work completed while serving as a science policy a fellow at the Science and Technology Policy Institute, and during undergraduate research in organic chemistry. Almost all manuscripts here are publicly accessible, and may also be found on Google Scholar, ArXiv, or SSRN. If you would like a copy of one of the manuscripts and cannot otherwise gain access, please email me (elaine ‘at’

Academic Publications and Research Reports:

[Forthcoming] Sedenberg, E., and J. Dempsey. “Cybersecurity Information Sharing Governance Structures: An Ecosystem of Diversity, Trust, and Tradeoffs.” | ArXiv

[In Progress] Sedenberg, E., and J. Chuang. “Smile for the Camera: Privacy and Policy Implications of Emotion AI.” | ArXiv

[Forthcoming] Sedenberg, E., Wong, R., and J. Chuang. “Windows into the Soul: Biosensing in Public.” In Press. | ArXiv

[In Progress] Sedenberg, E., and A. L. Hoffmann. “Recovering the History of Informed Consent for Data Science and Internet Industry Research Ethics.” | ArXiv | SSRN

Sedenberg, E., Chuang, J., and D. Mulligan. “Designing Commercial Therapeutic Robots for Privacy Preserving Systems and Ethical Research Practices Within the Home.” International Journal of Social Robotics (2016). | Publisher Link | Open Access Link

Sedenberg, Elaine M. and Deirdre K. Mulligan. “Public Health as a model for cybersecurity information sharing” Berkeley Technology Law Journal 30:3 (2016) 1687-1740 | Link

Schneider, F., Sedenberg, E., and D. Mulligan. “Public Cybersecurity and Rationalizing Information Sharing, Opinion Piece for the International Risk Governance Center (IRGC).” Lausanne: IRGC. (2016) | Link

Zuckerman, B., R. Parker, T. Jones, B. Rieksts, I. Simon, G. Watson III, E. Sedenberg, S. Holloman, R. Whelan, L. Pratt, C. Clavin, A. Azari, M. Ambrose, J. Brooks, and P. Rambow. “Evaluation of the National Science Foundation’s Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR): Final Report.” Washington, D.C.: Science and Technology Policy Institute. IDA Paper P-5221, December 2014. | Link

Howieson, S. V., C. E. Sedenberg, B. Sergi, and S. Shipp. “Department of Energy Technology Maturation Programs.” Washington, D.C.: Science and Technology Policy Institute. IDA Paper P-5013, May 2013. | Link

Howieson, S. V., C. Clavin, and E. Sedenberg. “Federal Security Laboratory Governance Panels: Observations and Recommendations.” Washington, D.C.: Science and Technology Policy Institute. IDA Paper P-4940, January 2013. | Link

Alper, J., J. Gallo, K. Kulinowski, R. Parker, and E. Sedenberg. “Report to the President and Congress on the Fourth Assessment of the National Nanotechnology Initiative.” Washington, DC: President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), 2012. | Link

Sessler, J., E. Karnes, and E. Sedenberg. “Porphyrin and Expanded Porphyrins as Receptors.” Supramolecular Chemistry: From Molecules to Nanomaterials. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 2012. | Link

Gale, P. A., C. Tong, C. Haynes, O. Adensun, D. Gross, E. Karnas, E. Sedenberg, R. Quesada, and J. Sessler.”Octafluorocalix[4]pyrrole: A Chloride/Bicarbonate Antiport Agent.” Journal of the American Chemical Society 132.10 (2010): 3240-3241. | Link


Extended Abstracts:

Sedenberg, E., J. Chuang, D. Mulligan. “Designing Therapeutic Robots for Privacy Preserving Systems, Ethical Research Practices, and Algorithmic Transparency.” Proceedings New Friends 2015 – The 1st International Conference on Social Robots in Therapy and Education. (2015): 82-82. | Link


Reports with Contributions Acknowledged:

Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity (CLTC). “Cybersecurity Futures 2020.” Berkeley, CA. 2016. (Contributions acknowledged page 5) | Link

National Science and Technology Council. “National Plan for Civil Earth Observations.” Washington, D.C.: Executive Office of the United States, 2014. (Contributions acknowledged page 4) | Link

National Science Board. “Research and Development, Innovation, and the Science and Engineering Workforce: A Companion to the Science and Engineering Indicators 2012.” National Science Foundation. Arlington, VA, 2012. (Contributed research & writing) | Link


Blog Posts:

Sedenberg, E. “Not a Fire Drill: Wildfire Safety Policy at an Iconic Nuclear Weapons Research Facility.” In American Progress, 2011.  | Link

Sedenberg, E. “An Uncommon Ally for Science:  The Fourteenth Incarnation of the Living Buddha Teaches That Spirituality v. Science Isn’t an Either/or Question.” In American Progress, 2011 | Link

Pool, S., E. Sedenberg. “Science Makes a Comeback at the White House President Obama’s 2012 Budget Invests in “Winning the Future Through Innovation.” In Science Progress, 2011. | Link